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Of this, the number of foreigners arriving by air was 5.38 million, up 23.5% year on year while those coming by sea and road were 157,622, down 6.1%, and over 1.16 million, up 59.9%, respectively.

Most markets sending tourists to Vietnam saw growth, such as the Republic of Korea (62.1%), Finland (39.1%), China (37%), Hong Kong - China (29.2%), Italy (18.3%), Denmark (18.1%), Sweden (16.4%), the US (15.8%), Taiwan - China (14.5%), and France (13.1%).

In spite of sending few tourists to Vietnam, the African market also witnessed a 20.9% increase, while number of tourists from Laos decreased 7.9% against the same period last year.

During the period, the country provided services for 36.2 million domestic tourists, in which 17.4 million stayed overnight; grossing a revenue of VND260.2 trillion, up 22.6% over a year earlier./.