(Photo: Hindustan Times)

High-speed winds and lightning devastated many villages, bringing down homes and leaving dozens injured.

At least two were killed and 18 injured in New Delhi, where flight services and road traffic were disrupted.

In Uttar Pradesh, 21 people, including a tourist from Maharashtra, died and 28 were injured due to inclement weather conditions, according to reports.

India's Meteorological Department had issued a warning on May 13th before the storms hit, warning people to stay within their homes. Wind speeds were around 109 km/h, accompanied by thunder and lightning, officials said.

Deaths were also reported in West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh.

In a tweet, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: “Saddened by the loss of lives due to storms in some parts of the country. Condolences to the bereaved families. I pray for the speedy recovery of those injured.”

On May 2nd, a thunderstorm killed 134 people across northern India, with hundreds more reported injured./.

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