US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (Source: Reuters)

In an interview with KRIV Fox 26 Houston Morning News in Texas, where he will attend an energy conference, Pompeo said DPRK leader Kim Jong-un had told him face to face "no less than half a dozen times" that he would denuclearize.

"Now we need to figure out how to do it, how to achieve it," he told. "Our goal is to keep America safe, to keep Republic of Korea and Japan from being under this threat. And when we do, we hope we can make a brighter future for the DPRK people as well."

Leader Kim Jong-un committed to denuclearization at his first summit with President Donald Trump in Singapore in June 2018. In return, Trump promised to work for a "brighter future" and "stability and security arrangements" on the Korean peninsula, Pompeo noted.

The 2nd US - DPRK summit took place in Hanoi on February 27th - 28th but failed to reach a joint agreement.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that even while the two sides made "real progress" during the summit, they didn't get "all the way".

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said the leaders had a "very good and constructive meeting" and discussed ways to advance "denuclearisation and economic driven concepts." She said their teams look forward to meeting in the future./.

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