At the working meeting (Photo: VOV)

According to the provincial Party Committee, so far, 319 of 321 Party organizations at the grassroots level have completed their congresses, accounting for over 99%. Meanwhile, 2 pilot upper grassroots level Party Congresses have also been organized successfully. 

The provincial Party Committee has been making thorough preparations for the 16th provincial Party Congress, which is scheduled in mid-September. 

During the working meeting, Mr. Chinh appreciated the good preparations and high quality organization of Party Congresses at all levels in the province, especially the thorough development of documents submitted to the congresses. 

He noted that the province must choose personnel in accordance with the speech of Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong in which he requires democratic and unbiased selection of cadres, thus mobilizing collectives’ intellectuals in selecting high quality personnel, helping increase the role of Party Executive Committees.

“Party Congresses should be organized to heighten organizations’ and Party members’ combativeness; promote the spirit of each cadre and Party member setting an example; strictly realize criticism and self-criticism principle; listen to people’s ideas and understand people’s aspirations, thus contributing to building a purer and stronger Party and political system,” he said./.

Compiled by BTA