123 best films of Vientmaese and world’s cinema to be introduced to audiences in Vietnam

Wednesday, 09/11/2022 11:07
As many as 123 best films of Vietnamese and the world’s cinema will be introduced to audiences at the sixth Hanoi International Film Festival (HANIFF) from November 8 to 12.
The press briefing on the festival (Source: CPV) 

The opening ceremony for the festival will take place at the Hanoi Cultural Friendship Palace on November 8 and the awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on November 12.

The event will draw the participation of 800 guests and delegates from the country and the world.

Out of 123 films selected for the film festival, 31 will be screened for the long and short film categories. Specifically, there are 11 long films representing countries including India, Poland, Iran, France, Spain, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, and the Philippines. The movies highlight the cultural values and people of each nation./.