201 creative designs and fine art products with high application value displayed in Hanoi

Tuesday, 13/09/2022 15:26
As many as 201 works and sets of works by 138 authors, were selected to be showcased and awarded at the 5th National Applied Arts Exhibition at at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, from September 13-27.
A corner of the exhibition (Source: NDO) 

The 5th National Applied Arts Contest has received 538 works by 283 authors from 25 provinces and cities after four months since the launch.

The 5th National Applied Arts Exhibition and Contest is an opportunity for the public to admire a variety of materials and the richness in product shaping and design, as well as an opportunity for designers and artisans to connect with businesses to promote the production and consumption of applied art products, both domestically and internationally.

The event is held by the Department of Arts, Photography and Exhibition, under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The organising board also surveyed many locations and selected the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology to serve the exhibition, with the hope that the public will enjoy the high-quality art collections, which are professionally and elaborately arranged in an ideal space, NDO quoted the saying of Deputy Director of the Department of Arts, Photography and Exhibition Nguyen Hang Nga./.