Photos and documents on Party and President Ho Chi Minh at Duc Thanh relic on display

Wednesday, 18/01/2023 11:33
Paintings, photos and documents on the Party and President Ho Chi Minh at Duc Thanh relic site where he had taught before he left the country to seek ways for national salvation are on display at an exhibition which has opened in the central province of Binh Thuan.
Visitors to the exhibition (Source: 

It is being held by the Ho Chi Minh Museum branch in Binh Thuan province as part of activities to celebrate the 93rd founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (February 3, 1930-2023).

It is expected to contribute to educating people on the glorious tradition of the Party, the country and Binh Thuan province in the national liberation, building and safeguarding cause; introducing visitors to the great achievements of the Party in the past 93 years; and highlighting President Ho Chi Minh's great contributions to the nation.

On this occasion, photos on the beauty of Binh Thuan’s landscapes and people are also showcased.

The exhibition will run until February 6./.