Spring Calligraphy Festival in Hanoi

Tuesday, 17/01/2023 15:24
The spring calligraphy festival 2023 has opened at the Temple of Literature in Hanoi to uphold the spirit of learning among younger generation and respect for educators.
Cutting ribbon to open the festival (Source: CPV) 

It also aims to promote traditional culture and preserve the unique calligraphic art.

The festival is being held after a two-year hiatus related to the development of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It draws the participation of 50 calligraphers who are members of calligraphic clubs based in the capital.

Participants visit the festival (Source: CPV) 

The calligraphers put on Ao dai and sit in bamboo tents following the traditions of the past. Working on red or yellow Do (poonah) paper, they will write scripts which are intended to bring good health, luck, and prosperity for those in attendance.

The festival will also provide check-in spots for visitors to pose for photographs.

On this occassion, traditional crafts such as pottery, paper making, embroidery, and wood carving are also showcased to help introduce Vietnamese culture to local and foreign visitors. Folk performances including Quan Ho singing and water puppetry performances will be held on this occasion.

The festival will run until January 29 (the eight day of the fist lunar month)./.