Processing agricultural products.(Photo: VNA)

Of this, value of major agricultural products was estimated USD11.6 billion, up 3.6%; seafood was valued at USD4.63 billion, up 6.3%; livestock posted USD0.31 billion, up 3.8% and value of major forestry products reached USD5.03 billion, up 12.3%.

Commodities seeing positive export growth include: rice USD1.96 billion (up 29.2%), fruits and vegetables USD2.28 billion (up 12.6%), major forestry products USD5.03 billion (up 12.3%), and seafood USD4.63 billion (up 6.3%).

Markets recording sharp export growth are: Indonesia (rice, coffee and rubber), Russia (coffee and cashew), Germany (tea, cashew, pepper and rubber), Malaysia (rice, tea, wood and fruits and vegetables), the Philippines (rice and coffee), Saudi Arabia (tea), Iraq and Hong Kong - China (rice), the US (tea, cashew and pepper), India (rubber and pepper), and Thailand (fruits and vegetables, seafood).

Rice remained one of the biggest hard currency earners. Vietnam earned USD1.96 billion from selling 3.87 million tons of rice abroad, up 29.2% in value and 12.2% in volume. China continued to be the largest rice importer of Vietnam, with 26.8% of the market share.

In the seven months, Vietnam earned USD2.3 billion from exporting fruits and vegetables, mainly to China, up 12.6%.

The country also shipped 153,000 tons of pepper abroad, worth USD517 million, during the period, up 3.7% in volume but down 36.1% in value./.