According to the Ministry of Health, the field warehouse was set up at Cho Ray Hospital, gathering medical supplies and equipment to support Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces.

The Ministry of Health has moved to the warehouse 399 ventilators of all kinds, including 299 to treat severe and critical patients. As many as 800 ventilators manufactured by Vingroup were also delivered to support Ho Chi Minh City and provinces. Some businesses have committed to sponsor ventilators, which will be moved into the warehouse to ensure that it will have 2,000 ventilators of all kinds.

Inside the Ho Chi Minh City COVID-19 Resuscitation Hospital (Photo: VNA)

Three ECMO systems including 2 for Ho Chi Minh City and one for Dong Nai, 32 continuous dialysis machines, 113 patient monitors, 290 oxygen generators, 221 electric injection pumps, 160 infusion machines, and 13 disinfectant sprayers, have been moved to stockpiles.

Sixty high-flow oxygen systems have also been delivered to this warehouse. It is expected that this week, some businesses will commit to sponsor an additional 500 oxygen breathing systems to make a total of 560 systems.

In terms of medical supplies, there are also 125,000 N95 masks, 14,500 anti-epidemic suits, and 12 million medical masks in the field warehouse.

Some 1.4 million rapid tests have also been allocated to Ho Chi Minh City and some southern provinces.

The Ministry of Health will continue to transfer medical supplies and equipment to the southern provinces.

According to Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long, the Ministry of Health has planned to negotiate directly to buy tests from foreign manufacturers and promote domestic production; and purchase machinery for treatment and resuscitation of COVID-19 patients.

Manufacturers, business units and hospitals are required to deploy all solutions to avoid shortage of oxygen and medical gas for COVID-19 treatment./.

Compiled by BTA