Ho Chi Minh City hopes to strengthen cooperation with Sunwah Group in diverse areas

Friday, 13/01/2023 15:26
Chairman of the City People's Committee Phan Van Mai highly appreciated the areas that Sunwah Group and businesses are interested in, meeting the needs of the city.
Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee Phan Van Mai with Sunwah Group’s delegation (Photo: hcmcpv.org.vn) 

He made the statement during his reception for Mr. Jonathan Choi, President of Sunwah Group, who was on a visit to Ho Chi Minh City.

According to Mr. Mai, currently, the city is restructuring its economy, focusing on banking and financial services. Meanwhile, Sunwah Group’s operations are also what Ho Chi Minh City wants to promote the international financial center in, develop services and financial markets.

He said that as the city wishes to cooperate in calling for investment in cooperation in science and technology, high-tech industry, semiconductor industry, microchips, pharmaceuticals, biological products and anti-virus drugs, it looks forward to sharing the Group's experience and investment cooperation in these fields.

He affirmed that the city is very interested in and attaches great importance to cooperation with the Group, and welcomes investors from Hong Kong (China). “We hope that the cooperation projects will soon be successfully implemented,” he added.

Sunwah Group President Jonathan Choi said that the Group has been doing business in Vietnam since 1970, considering Ho Chi Minh City its second home for over 50 years. In addition to the traditional business for more than 50 years, the Group is now focusing on innovation and has established an innovation center in Hanoi.

With a long-standing relationship, affection and business in Ho Chi Minh City, Sunwah Group and a delegation of more than 60 leading enterprises in Hong Kong (China) with the desire to explore cooperation opportunities in Ho Chi Minh City in many fields that the city is interested in and is the strength of businesses such as finance, science and technology, innovation, support of the export of agricultural products to Hong Kong, carbon emissions reduction, development of a green economy, and training of high quality human resources. He also affirmed his desire to invest and cooperate in development in Ho Chi Minh City in areas of interest to the city./.

Compiled by BTA