Over 6.5 billion VND raised to support Vietnamese victims in Warsaw fire

Friday, 17/05/2024 16:31
Overseas Vietnamese in Poland and neighboring countries have raised fund to support Vietnamese businessmen affected by the devastating fire at the Marywilska shopping centre in Warsaw, Poland.

The fire at the Marywilska shopping centre in Warsaw, Poland. (Photo: VNA) 

As of May 14, about 6.5 billion VND (270,000 USD) was raised to support the victims.

The Vietnamese Embassy in Poland played a pivotal role in coordinating the support efforts. Immediately following the fire, the embassy collaborated with Vietnamese associations in Poland to launch fundraising initiatives and distribute emergency food aid to those impacted.

A fund was formally established during a meeting on May 12 between embassy officials, association leaders, and representatives of the Vietnamese community at Marywilska.

Several Polish Government agencies, non-Governmental organisations, and citizens have also reached out to the embassy, expressing their willingness to offer various forms of support.

The executive board of the Poland-Vietnam Friendship Association conveyed their regards and donated 5,000 PLN (1,270 USD) at a meeting with embassy leaders on May 14.

In response to the call for support, Vietnamese embassies and communities in neighbouring countries like the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria also initiated fundraising activities.

The donation is still being carried out by associations, unions, businessmen and the Vietnamese community in Poland and some countries in the region.

These timely and meaningful actions are a great encouragement to Vietnamese businessmen in Marywilska during the difficult period./.