Unforgettable impressions at Vietnam Culture Day in Lucerne

Monday, 05/09/2022 14:15
The Vietnam Culture Day in Lucerne was held by the Vietnamese Embassy in Switzerland on September 3 to celebrate the 77th anniversary of the National Day (September 2, 1945 - September 2, 2022) with the attendance of Ambassador Phung The Long, embassy staff, overseas Vietnamese and many foreign and Swiss friends, and tourists to Switzerland.
Lion dances at Vietnam Culture Day in Lucerne (Photo: VNA)  

This is also the 13th Gwand Festival in Lucerne, with the emphasis on sustainability in all areas of life such as nutrition, living, exercise and fashion.

On this occasion, Vietnamese fashion designers and manufacturers also promoted sustainable production, fair working conditions, and women’s role.

The festival became vibrant with lively, fun and beautiful dragon dances with many different styles.

The Vietnamese martial arts show Son Long Quyen martial arts, with unique martial arts performances from martial artists of different ages, left unforgettable impressions in the hearts of lovers of Vietnam’s traditional martial arts.

The highlight of the Vietnam Culture Day is a fashion show with Vietnamese traditional long dress (ao dai) and national costume by designers La Pham, using materials from Bao Minh textiles, attracting international friends.

Vietnam Culture Day in Lucerne featured many unique and attractive performances and impressive fashion booths. The culinary corner with traditional Vietnamese dishes was also displayed and introduced to hundreds of guests at the festival.

The festival is also an opportunity to introduce to a large number of visitors Vietnam's cuisine, culture and tourism. All the dishes at the festival were welcomed and enjoyed by international friends and locals.

Gwand Festival lasted for 3 days from September 1-3 with Vietnam as the main guest country to affirm the value of cultural relations with Vietnam, while helping to strengthen cooperation and development of not only projects in the cultural field but also in the economic field.

On September 2, the Vietnamese Embassy in Switzerland organized an economic seminar on sustainable development goals, and coordinated with the Asian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce to introduce an overview of the economic relationship between Vietnam and Switzerland with a focus on sustainable growth at this festival./.