The teams at the competition (Photo: VNA)

This is one of a series of activities "Celebrating the Lunar New Year of the Tiger" organized by the Vietnamese Embassy, the Liaison Committee of the Vietnamese Community and the Vietnamese Student Association in Singapore to preserve and promote the Vietnamese culture when Tet and the spring come, as well as help to increase cohesion and unity in the Vietnamese community in the locality.

“Dong” leaves, pork, thin bamboo string, glutinous rice, beans had been prepared carefully by the volunteers, who are wives of officials of Vietnamese representative agencies in Singapore, pupils, students and members of the Liaison Committee a day before. In addition, the pot to boil the Chung cake, wood, three-leg stove made from bricks and tiles are also "designed" in a very flexible way to help overseas Vietnamese remember the traditional atmosphere when Tet comes.

The competition has 11 teams, each team consists of two people, of different ages, working in all different fields in the Vietnamese community in Singapore.

After the competition, the organizing board and participants continued to make 100 Chung cakes and prepare 100 Tet gifts to give Vietnamese pupils and students studying in Singapore who cannot go home to celebrate Tet with their families.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Singapore Mai Phuoc Dung said that he was very touched by the atmosphere of the competition and highly appreciated the enthusiasm of the overseas Vietnamese, the careful preparation of the Liaison Committee, the Vietnamese Student Association and Vietnamese representative agencies in the locality.

The ambassador emphasized that all participants in the competition including the volunteers preparing for the competition, are winners and all deserve a prize.The first prize is the enthusiastic participation, he said.

 The second prize is the joy, unity and family atmosphere and taste of the homeland. This is the most significant thing for overseas Vietnamese in Singapore when Tet comes./.