Ensuring enough medicine, blood, and emergency equipment for the Lunar New Year

Thursday, 08/02/2024 08:45
(CPV) - The Ministry of Health requests hospitals to ensure enough medicine, blood, infusion fluids and necessary means and equipment for emergency treatment, especially for traffic accidents, food poisoning, disasters and mass accidents during the Lunar New Year 2024.
Photo for illustration (Source: https://baodautu.vn) 

To ensure good emergency and medical examination and treatment for people during the Lunar New Year, the Ministry of Health has just issued an official dispatch requesting directors of hospitals under the Ministry of Health and universities; Directors of Departments of Health of provinces and centrally-run cities and heads of health of ministries and branches to direct affiliated medical examination and treatment facilities to ensure duties at four levels; and have a plan to prevent and fight fires, explosions, disasters and mass accidents.

The Ministry of Health requests hospitals to ensure that all emergency patients receive timely examination and treatment during Tet.

In particular, reserve enough medicine, blood, infusion fluids and necessary means and equipment for emergency care, medical examination and treatment, especially for traffic accidents and food poisoning. Ensure all emergency patients are examined and treated promptly, without refusal or delay in treatment. If it is outside the medical facility or specialty, the medical facility needs to provide stable initial emergency treatment and fully explain to the patient and the patient's family before being transferred to another medical facility.

Hospitals organize Tet visits and celebrations for patients still being treated at the hospital during Tet, pay attention to poor patients and policy beneficiaries. In particular, pay attention to improving the spirit of serving patients, communicating, and behaving in a considerate and gentle manner.

Have a plan to deal with accidents, poisonings, and mass emergencies that may occur, and warn people about the risks of common accidents during Tet such as crowd crush accidents at busy tourist destinations, traffic accidents caused by alcohol, fights caused by alcohol, firecrackers, homemade explosives, and food poisoning. Have an out-of-hospital emergency plan to be ready to respond to bad situations.

The Ministry of Health will organize a sudden inspection of the preparation and implementation of a number of hospitals/institutions with beds under the Ministry and hospitals in localities before and during the Tet holiday./.

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