Lunar New Year greeting message by State President Vo Van Thuong

Saturday, 10/02/2024 09:00
State President Vo Van Thuong extended his best wishes to Vietnamese people and foreign friends, as the lunar New Year – the Year of the Dragon - has just arrived. Following is the full text of his message.
State President Vo Van Thuong extends his best wishes to Vietnamese people and foreign friends on lunar New Year (Photo: VNA)

“Dear compatriots, comrades and soldiers!

Spring has come to every people, every family! At the fine and sacred turning moment of the nature, we respectfully express gratitude to our ancestors and generations of predecessors for their building of this beautiful country; of spring of independence; of the free, prosperous, and happy life of the People; and of the country’s fortune, potential, position, and prestige today.

In the warm and sacred atmosphere to welcome the national traditional lunar New Year, I would like to, on behalf of the Party and State leaders, send to the compatriots, comrades, and soldiers nationwide, and our compatriots in foreign countries the sincerest sentiment, the most heart-felt regards, and the best New Year wishes. I would also like to extend to our friends on the five continents and peoples in the world the wish for peace, cooperation, friendship, and sustainable development!

Last year, with solidarity and efforts by the whole Party, people, and army, our country affirmed a new position and posture of a Vietnam steadfast in difficulties, always persisting the fine values, for the interest of the People, recording important and comprehensive achievements in various fields with prominent landmarks; and always remaining a sincere friend, a trustworthy partner of countries, winning respect and recognition from the international community.

The stroke of the New Year is a profound moment for us to reflect on what has happened and think of the bright future of each person, each family, and the nation. I deeply believe that bringing into play the strength of the all-nation great solidarity and the fine values of the Vietnamese culture and people, upholding dignity and intelligence, unleashing the creativity of each individual, liberalising potential, and materialising resources will create a huge intrinsic strength for our country to firmly progress and reap many higher achievements.

Spring ushers in numerous dreams, desires and the finest, warmest, and most lively starts. In the convergence of the atmosphere of the spring of the nature and of the people, let’s together welcome the new sources of energy, give one another sincere and fine wishes, and wish the nation eternity, the country further prosperity and civilisation, and the people’s life further prosperity and happiness.

May compatriots, comrades, every family, and every people of Vietnam enjoy good health, peace, successes, and happiness!

New year, new spirit, new determination, new victories!”./.

CPV (Source: VNA)