More than 10 million Vietnamese have vaccine passports

Sunday, 15/05/2022 09:52
So far, more than 10 million Vietnamese people have had their confirmed electronic vaccine passports, the Department of Information Technology under the Ministry of Health has said.

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Vietnam's vaccine passport: All you need to know

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According to the Information Technology Department, the number increased by more than 4 million people compared to the previous statistics 5 days ago.

An electronic vaccine passport is an electronic COVID-19 vaccination certificate that is digitally signed by vaccination facilities and the Ministry of Health based on people's COVID-19 vaccination information. Vietnam's electronic vaccine passport, using standards issued by the World Health Organization and the European Union, is currently being used in 62 countries and will be used by more countries in the near future.

The Department of Information Technology said that vaccine passports will be displayed on the electronic health book application, PC-COVID application or on the search page of the Ministry of Health which is developing and will be announced in the near future. In addition, the Ministry of Health has written to request the Ministry of Public Security add the function of displaying vaccine passports on the VNEID application. Currently, the units of the two ministries are working to complete it soon

Therefore, people need to go to the above applications to check if they have a vaccine passport or not./.

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