Wet markets, supermarkets resume operations after lunar New Year’s Day

Monday, 12/02/2024 09:54
Most wet markets and supermarkets reopened their doors on February 11, the second day of the lunar New Year.
Supermarkets offer essential goods at stable prices during the lunar New Year holiday 

Supermarkets offered essential goods with the price tag unchanged as they have registered to take part in the price stabilization programme.

At the wet market, the amount of food and vegetables was not offered as much as before the lunar New Year holiday, and the prices increase slightly.

The prices of some gift baskets, beer, and soft drinks also increased slightly by VND5,000 - 10,000 each unit.

While most supermarkets closed the door on New Year’s Day (February 10), Aeon Mall and Gigamall chains remained open.

In addition, convenience stores such as Bsmart, CircleK, and FamilyMart operated around the clock on February 10 to meet local consumers’ demand.

Despite the stable prices, the Ministry of Finance requested that relevant ministries and localities continue to closely monitor market developments for timely intervention.

It held that special attention should be paid to the prices of essential goods and those with high price fluctuations in the area, to ensure a balance of goods to meet the people’s consumption needs and stabilize the market./.

CPV (Source: VOV)