Vietnamese dragon fruits account for 90% of Thailand’s imported dragon fruits. (Photo:

According to the Vietnam Trade Office in Thailand, in 2019, Thailand exported some USD3.6 billion in fresh and processed fruits. However, it also imported fresh fruits with a value of over USD1 billion, and vegetables worth about USD600 million from other countries. Thailand currently only allows importing dragon fruit, mango, longan and litchi from Vietnam.

According to Mr. Dang Phuc Nguyen, Secretary-General of the Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Association, recently, many Thai corporations have accelerated their investment in Vietnam, which facilitates an increase of Vietnam’s export of agricultural products in general and fruits and vegetables to Thailand.

Typically, every year, Central Group with the BigC supermarket chain cooperates with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to organize programs to promote Vietnamese goods in Thailand. Besides, it also imports fruits and vegetables from Vietnam to Thailand supermarkets for sale. In the past, Vietnam exported fruits mainly through traders. "Vietnam fruits have also been improved in quality, while promoting the export of processed products also contributes to the export turnover of Vietnamese fruits to this market," said Mr. Nguyen.

Notably, Vietnam is exporting well agricultural products, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, to Thailand. Vietnam is also a major exporter of dragon fruit to Thailand.

The Thai market chooses the best products in the world. Many Vietnamese fruits are delicious and absolutely meet the requirements of the most demanding markets.

"The businesses want to boost the import of Vietnamese fresh fruits and vegetables, especially litchi into Thailand", said Paul Le, Vice Chairman of Central Group ./.

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