Hoi An ancient city by night (Photo for illustration)

Accordingly, the EU and international experts will provide technical assistance for Vietnam’s tourism in order to promote destinations through the Tourism Development Fund.

This technical support commenced this February and will run for a period of twelve months.

Ms. Mary McKeon, Project Team Leader, said: ‘’This project with a focus on destination competitiveness comes at a critical time in order for Vietnam to gain a favorable position in the changing world tourism market. The project, working with key tourism stakeholders and in partnership with the TAB, will deliver a bespoke destination competitiveness index essential for the sustainability of the tourism sector.”

The project will undertake a consultation process with public institutions and the business sector. Upcoming activities include a series of events such as public-private dialogues, consultation workshops, training sessions and piloting of the Competitiveness Index in five priority tourism destinations of Ha Long bay, Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh city.

As planned, the key results of the project will be presented at a high-level event in late 2019, before being officially submitted to the Government leader through the Advisory Council on Administration Reform./.