Bun Cha is one of the specilties of Hanoians.

The website said street food up and down Vietnam is utterly delicious, bursting with fragrant green herbs and fresh produce, and also incredibly cheap.

“Whether it’s a simple banh mi (Vietnam’s take on a sandwich) or something more complex, each mouthful sings with flavour, the perfect balance of salt and sweet, with top notes of zingy citrus - sometimes with a fiery chilli blast or a soothing hum.”

Holidaymakers were advised to try “bun cha (vermicelli with barbecued pork, dipping sauce and carrot and green papaya pickle) in the warren-like alleys of the old quarter. Or try cau lau (delectable soup with fat noodles and meat or seafood) in charming Hoi An on the coast.”

Besides Vietnam, the website named some other cities for the itinerary such as Budapest, Hungary (for a spa), the French Alps (for end-of-season skiing), Guatemala (for a tropical escape), New Orleans, the US (for music),  Morocco’s west coast (for a beach break),  Timişoara, Romania (for a city break),  Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA (for outdoor adventures), and Albania (for the Med and mountains)./.