Fourth cultural ethnic culture festival in Binh Dinh province

Thursday, 31/08/2023 16:40
The fourth cultural festival of ethnic minorities in the central region will take place in Binh Dinh province from September 8-10 honour fine traditional cultural values, preserve and promote the cultural identity of the central region’s ethnic minority groups, contributing to building, developing Vietnamese culture and people to meet the need of sustainable development.
Photo for illustration (Source: vov) 

The three-day festival will draw more than 1,000 artists of ethnic groups from 11 central provinces.

It includes activities such as an amateur artist festival, a traditional national costume show,  an introduction to local cuisine, sports activities and ethnic folk games.

The festival provides an opportunity for participants to share experiences while raising awareness of the importance of preserving and protecting traditional cultural values in the integration and sustainable development process.

VNA quoted the saying Lam Hai Giang, Vice Chairman of the Binh Dinh provincial People’s Committee, that the festival's significance, saying it is expected to reate a "push" for the strong development of the local tourism industry.

The highlight of this year’s edition is that the organising board will integrate community-based tourism factors imbued with the identity and culture of ethnic groups in the region to create diversity for the festival./.

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