Tuyen Quang City Festival to take place in late December

Thursday, 07/09/2023 11:12
Diverse cultural activities will take place during the Tuyen Quang City Festival in the northern mountainous province of Tuyen Quang from September 20 to 27.
The previous festival (Source: http://baobacgiang.com.vn) 

The festival is expected to attract a large number of domestic and foreign tourists, offering an opportunity for the province to promote the image of its land, people and cultural heritage values.

On this occasion, visitors can not only immerse themselves in a bustling atmosphere of drumbeat, music with traditional folk dances performed by young men and women in traditional costumes but also choose from the many unique local tourism gifts.

Currently, souvenir items in the locality are diverse in types and shapes, of which products of the One Commune One Product programme (OCOP) take a large market share. They include tea, bamboo shoots, honey, peanut oil, black bean filter tea bags, dried buffalo meat, and wood incense tea. Many OCOP products have eye-catching packages, high quality and reasonable prices which are sought after by travelers.

A variety of OCOP products that have beautiful package designs and are full of information will be introduced during the festival. There are 191 OCOP certified products at three stars or above. Of these, 149 products are recognised with three stars, 41 products four stars, and three products proposed for five stars.

Some units and individuals in the province also proactively develop souvenir products based on local products and culture. Lam Binh Brocade Cooperative is a typical example. Women of the Tay, Dao, Mong and Pa Then ethnic groups have made many products ranging from brocade pants and shirts to souvenirs, blankets, hats and scarves. These items have crafted patterns, carefully woven with traditional materials so they are favoured by tourists./.

Compiled by BTA