Vietnamese artists win gold and broze awards at international circus festivals in Russia

Thursday, 17/11/2022 11:34
Artists of the Vietnam Circus Federation has won the Gold Award at the 2022 International Circus Festival in Saratov for their performance of "Du Son" (Red Swing) and the Bronze Award at the "Without Borders" International Circus Festival for an aerial silk performance.
Vietnamese pair Pham Thi Huong and Truong Hong Thuy won the gold prize for their performance of "Du Son" (Red Swing) at the 2022 International Circus Festival in Russia. 

According to NDO, the 2022 International Circus Festival was held in Saratov City, Russia, and attracted the participation of 100 delegations from nine countries, with 30 special contest entries.

Vietnam brought to the festival a "Du Son" (Red Swing) performance by two female artists, Chu Hong Thuy and Pham Thi Huong.

According to Tong Toan Thang, deputy director of the Vietnam Circus Federation, the performance of the two female artists was highly acclaimed by the event's jury board for the harmony between music, costumes and accessories as well as skillful performance techniques.

The two actresses have been invited to perform at the international circus show in Spain from the beginning of November 2022.

Artist Chu Khanh Huyen competed with a performance of "De Kiem Du Day Lua". 

Meanwhile, the "Without Borders" International Circus Festival took place in the city of Saint Petersburg with 32 performances from 15 countries.

Competing in a major international arena for the first time, artist Chu Khanh Huyen tried to overcome psychological pressures to provide an excellent performance, conquering the hearts of the judges and nearly 2,000 spectators.

Chu Khanh Huyen’s performance surpassed the scores of other performances to win the Bronze Award and she was honoured to receive an invitation to attend International Circus Festival Gold Elephant in Girona, Spain, in early 2024.

Appreciating Vietnamese circus art, Sergei Belyakov, Head of the Russian State Circus and Head of the organising board of International Circus Festivals in Russia, has continued to invite Vietnamese circus to attend the circus festival in the coming years./.