A traditional dance of Khomu ethnic group (Photo provided by the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology)

The program will show how to make traditional musical instruments such as flute and drum; and how to perform folk songs of the Khomu ethnic group from Nghe An and folk dances of Khomu in Dien Bien.

Visitors can enjoy exchanges and folk dances under the guidance of artisans.

In addition, a seminar on Khomu ethnic group in Laos, Thailand, the US. and Vietnam will begin at 14h00 on November 23rd with the participation of Dr. Frank Porschan, seeing the participation of researchers from Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, the Institute of Ethnology, the Vietnam National Academy of Music and students from several universities in Hanoi.

The event is expected to bring new and useful information about the culture of the Khomu people to the public at home and abroad./.

Compiled by bTA