Vietnamese Ao dai introduced at an online exhibition

According to the Thua Thien Hue provincial portal, the online exhibition featured 15 video clips, namely Hue - Chiec noi cua Ao dai viet Nam (Hue - the cradle of Vietnamese Aodai); Khoi nguyen Ao dai Viet Nam (The origin of Vietnamese Aodai); Ao dai trong dong chay van hoa, lich su (Aodai in national culture and history); Y phuc hoang cung (Royal costumes); Ao dai nam (Aodai for men); Ao dai nu (Aodai for women); Tu truyen thong den Quoc phuc (Traditional costume turns to national one); Ao dai Hue (Hue Aodai); Nghien cuu Ao dai Hue (A research on Hue Aodai); Nghe may theu Ao dai Hue (Aodai sewing and embroidery crafts); Ao dai ngu than (The five paneled Aodai); Ao dai cong so (Aodai at work); Ao dai nu sinh (Student Aodai); Hue - Trung tam cua le hoi Ao dai (Hue - the center of Aodai festival); Tu hao Ao dai Hue (Proud of Hue aodai).

The Director of Culture and Sports Department kindly informed that the event aimed to honor the traditional Aodai in national culture, history, traditional ceremonial activities and daily life. It was also an effort contributing to the success of the proposal themed "Hue - the Aodai capital of Vietnam".

The beauty of Vietnamese woman in Ao dai (Source:

The exhibition focused on the journey to seek for the origin, characteristics of not only traditional Aodai but also modern one; introduce features making Hue the capital of aodai in Vietnam. Through collections and designs on display, visitors had a chance to enjoy beautiful designs and easily find prestigous tailor shops in the province.

"Organized on digital platforms and social networking sites, the event is expected to draw the attention of visitors, especially the young, introduce the journey of developing "Hue - the Aodai capital of Vietnam" as well as prevent COVID-19 pandemic"./.