Well-known Dutch DJ to arrive Ho Chi Minh City for performances

Saturday, 21/10/2023 21:30
World-renowned DJ Don Diablo of the Netherlands will arrive in Ho Chi Minh City to perform at the “Ho Do” International Music Festival 2023, which is scheduled to take place on December 24, reported VOV.
Well-known Dutch DJ Don Diablo 

Don Diablo is a Dutch DJ, digital artist, record producer, musician, and songwriter of electronic dance music. He is one of the pioneers of the house genre and was ranked sixth in the Top 100 DJs – 2020 list by DJ Mag. He was also ranked as No.1 Producer of the Year for 2018 by 1001Tracklists and as the No.1 Future House Artist of the Year on Beatport in 2016.

In 2016 he founded his own record label known as HEXAGON.

Furthermore, the famous DJ with be joined by other international artists from France, Belgium, Spain, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan at the festival.

The “Ho Do” International Music Festival 2023 will include four performances titled “HOZO Inspired Talents”, as well as three others called “HOZO Super Fest”.

This year’s event is to open with the theme of “From HCMC with love” and will feature some interesting changes with the goal of promoting the festival into an international music programme featuring the city’s unique identities.

There will be workshops held on international music and programmes launched to seek talents as a means of creating a suitable environment for music lovers in the city.

Vietnam - Japan street food programme to take place next month

Vietnamese and Japanese chefs are set to serve a unique fusion of street food of the two countries within the framework of the Japanese Culture Festival which is scheduled to take place in Hanoi next month, reported VNA.

The Japan-Vietnam Street Food Harmony takes place in Hanoi in Novermber (Photo: jp-culinaryfes.vn) 

According to the Japanese Embassy in Hanoi, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam-Japan diplomatic relations, Japan will carry out a street food initiative to promote the culinary culture of both sides.

Under the project, two Vietnamese and one Japanese chefs will create new dishes which combine traditional Vietnamese and Japanese processing methods and ingredients to show culinary solidarity.

Recipes of those six original dishes will be introduced on the organising board’s website at https://jp-culinaryfes.vn, along with an online vote.

 A person cooks takoyaki, a popular Japanese street food. Illustration photo by Pexels

Accordingly, chef Shinobu Ito, a researcher of Vietnamese cuisine in Japan, will bring in two dishes made from simple ingredients but typical of both cuisines, including Okonomiyaki-flavored grilled rice paper and grilled rice balls flavored with fish sauce.

Two Vietnamese chefs Huynh Thanh Lam and Nguyen Ba Phuoc will present dishes that are variations of popular Vietnamese street food combined with Japanese flavors, including sweet potato cakes with cod in spicy sauce, sea bass fillet sandwiches, lotus root tempura and grilled chicken skewers with spicy miso sauce.

Among the six dishes created by three chefs, the three dishes with the most votes will be served at the Japanese Cultural Festival held in Hanoi next month.

In addition, the organisers will also give out free e-books with recipes for these six dishes along with instructions from the chefs on how to cook them.

Through the culinary sharing event and introduction of the recipes, the organizers hope that people in both countries will be able to taste these dishes, and at the same time hope that these dishes will become household food in both countries in the coming years.

The Japanese Cultural Festival is scheduled to open in Hanoi on November 12 with several unique cultural, culinary and music exchanges.

Forest eco-tourism should be expanded: experts

Developing eco-tourism in national parks will provide significant resources to improve the livelihoods of people, especially those in buffer zones.

Cuc Phuong National Park boasts a rich and diverse flora of tropical forest. (Photo: VNA) 

Kơ Să En Luy, a K’Ho ethnic man, has been working as a tour guide at the Centre for Eco-tourism and Environmental Education - Bidoup Nui Ba National Park since 2015.

According to Luy, his profession offers an opportunity for him to pass on knowledge and love for natural conservation to the younger generation, raising awareness on protecting the environment and natural forests.

Bidoup-Nui Ba is one of the four biodiversity centres in Vietnam and one of the world's important bird areas. It is also the second most diverse area in Vietnam in terms of Gymnospermatophyta plant species and the highest priority of the Truong Son mountain range conservation programme. However, only about 6,000 tourists visited the park in the first nine months of this year, a 10.35% increase compared with the same period last year.

Cuc Phuong National Park has been named “Asia's leading national park” by the World Travel Awards (WTA) for the fifth consecutive year. Nonetheless, it attracts only about 120,000 tourists annually. This figure is much lower than the 700,000 visitors to Thailand's Doi Inthanon National Park.

Currently, national parks primarily devise their own tours to lure visitors. However, this approach can exert considerable pressure on the parks, as they must balance between preservation and maintaining the existing biodiversity.

According to Pham Kien Cuong, Director of the Centre for Environmental Education and Services at Cuc Phuong National Park, to invest in infrastructure and services, the park must generate its own revenue as tourism activities are not covered by the State budget.

With a low number of visitors and limited revenue, it’s impossible to provide competitive wages to workers, thus, attracting high-quality employees for tourism-related work is a challenge, he said.

Nam linh chi co co, a rare type of lingzhi mushrooms (Ganoderma lucidum), is detected in Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park. (Photo: VNA) 

Director of Bidoup - Nui Ba National Park Pham Kien Cuong said he wants to popularise the park, which boasts a rich and diverse flora and fauna, within the community, adding that through understanding about nature and the biodiversity of the forests, people can protect it further.

In line with the government's directives, the Forest Protection Department is providing recommendations to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on a scheme to submit to the Prime Minister, expected to be issued in 2023, on the development of the multi-purposes values of forest ecosystems by 2030, with a vision until 2050. One of its objectives is to enhance the value of forests through eco-tourism.

Huong said that once this project is approved, it will create opportunities for businesses and national parks, such as Bidoup - Nui Ba, to showcase the diverse biodiversity of the forests to tourists and communities.

According to Trieu Van Luc, Deputy Director of the Department of Forestry, developing eco-tourism in national parks will provide significant resources to improve the livelihoods of people, especially those in buffer zones. It also presents a sustainable financial source for the operation of the management board and staff who take part in the conservation and preservation of forest ecosystems./.

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