Ho Chi Minh City brilliant with tabebuia rosea

Wednesday, 08/02/2023 16:18
(CPV) – On these days, rows of tabebuia rosea trees on the central streets of Ho Chi Minh City put on a fragile and gentle pink color. The streets of Ho Chi Minh City are dyed a brilliant, poetic pink.
In the cold weather of the past few days in Ho Chi Minh City, tabebuia rosea are in full bloom. 
Tabebuia rosea, originated from America, is a light-loving, woody, shade-loving plant that lives well on dry soil. 
Since mid-January, on the streets of Dien Bien Phu, Vo Van Kiet and Ham Nghi Streets, tabebuia rosea branches have begun to bloom. 
Tabebuia rosea bloom only once a year and last for about 1 month. Tabebuia rosea flowers are almost bell-shaped, often growing in clusters of 10-20 flowers. 
 The petals are pale pink.
Tabebuia rosea flowers are like a lovely, romantic highlight of the city. 
Ho Chi Minh City is in the last days of the tabebuia rosea flower season.