ASEAN Family Day in New York strengthens solidarity in community

Wednesday, 26/06/2024 10:47
The Permanent Mission to the United Nations of ASEAN member countries and Timor Leste observer has solemnly organized ASEAN Family Day 2024 with the participation of more than 1,000 officers, employees and family members of representative agencies of the 11 countries in New York.
The Vietnamese delegation at the event (Photo:

The event was also attended by the Ambassadors and Heads of Delegations of China and Australia as guests of honor.

In an atmosphere of joy and friendship between members of the "great ASEAN family", various sports and cultural exchange activities imbued with the identities of the countries took place vibrantly such as tug of war, catch the word, jumping around, moving eggs, throwing pebbles, singing competitions and so on, thereby, further tightening the solidarity and spirit of the ASEAN community in New York.

The Vietnamese delegation actively participated and won many prizes in most competitions for both adults and children.

On this occasion, each country participating in ASEAN Family Day also proudly introduced its traditional and typical cuisine. Vietnam’s beef pho, fried spring rolls, paté sandwiches and iced milk coffee received special attention and praise from ASEAN friends and guests.

The ASEAN Family Day 2024, with the coordination efforts of the Permanent Delegation of Laos - the current Chairman of the ASEAN Committee in New York, was a great success, leaving many impressions and beautiful memories in participants’ hearts, practically contributing to strengthening the image and raising awareness of the "unity in diversity" ASEAN Community.

ASEAN Family Day is an annual event to strengthen the spirit of solidarity and friendship among ASEAN countries as well as between ASEAN and partner countries. The event is held in many cities around the world with diplomatic representative agencies of member countries./.