Fire occurs at Vietnamese market in Czech Republic’s Prague

Tuesday, 11/06/2024 15:42
A fire occurred at the Sapa shopping centre of Vietnamese people in Prague in the early morning of June 10, destroying six stalls worth about 2 million CZK (over 87,200 USD).

The fire breaks out at 1 am (local time) at food and consumer goods areas in Sapa shopping centre of Vietnamese in Prague. (Photo: VNA)

On-spot firefighters detected the fire and brought it under control promptly, helping to minimize losses in assets, with no casualty reported.

According to the shopping centre management board, the fire broke out at 1 am (local time) at food and consumer goods areas.

At the scene, Prague police and firefighters blocked the fire area to investigate the cause. According to witnesses and on-site security forces, the fire may come from an electrical short circuit.

As soon as being informed about the accident, Vietnamese Ambassador to Czech Republic Duong Hoai Nam and embassy staff visited affected people and provided them with financial support.

The embassy and Vietnamese associations in the Czech Public have called for donations for the affected people.

The Sapa shopping centre, located in District 4, Prague covers nearly 40 ha, with more than 1,000 stalls that sell food, fashion and consumer goods, and provide services. The market also houses restaurants, hair salons, nail shops, supermarkets, wholesale and retail stores with diverse products. It is considered the largest Vietnamese "market" in Europe./.

CPV (Source: VNA)