First health insurance program for Vietnamese workers in Japan launched

Thursday, 13/06/2024 15:46
The first health insurance program for family members of Vietnamese guest workers has been launched by Yamanashi prefecture of Japan in order to attract foreign labourers amid the shrinking population and growing global competition for human resources.
Ambassador Pham Quang Hieu and Yamanashi Governor Nagasaki Kotaro co-chaired the press conference (Photo: VNA)

The health insurance program was introduced at a press conference held on June 12.

At the event, Yamanashi Governor Nagasaki Kotaro expressed his hope that Japan and his prefecture will become attractive destinations for foreign workers. Therefore, Yamanashi is striving to create a favourable environment for foreigners to work and live here.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Japan Pham Quang Hieu appreciated the insurance program, noting that Yamanashi is taking the lead in issuing policies to attract and retain Vietnamese workers.

The Ambassador said that he believed the program will be carried out on a large scale and in the long term to retain Vietnamese workers and attract more labourers from Vietnam and other Japanese localities to this prefecture.

He called on Yamanashi and local businesses to devise more welfare policies so that Vietnamese people, including guest workers, can feel secure when staying here.

According to the Vietnam News Agency, the prefecture informed that to help ease guest workers’ concern about the health of their family members in the homeland, Yamanashi cooperated with the Tokio Marine Insurance Vietnam Company to develop a health insurance scheme for the workers’ relatives in Vietnam.

This regime is applied to all hospitals in Vietnam. Accordingly, when the workers’ family members suffer from injuries or illnesses, after paying medical expenses at any hospital in Vietnam and applying for compensation from Tokio Marine Insurance, they will receive insurance benefits from this company covering up to 90% of their paid medical expenses.

It targets Vietnamese citizens working at the companies or organisations involved in the network for promoting the improvement of the working environment for foreigners in Yamanashi.

Under this scheme, those companies or organisations must pay for at least three-fourths of insurance premiums. To assist them, Yamanashi formed a subsidy system which provides a maximum support of 50% of the financial aid for the companies.

Explaining why Vietnamese workers are the first groups of foreign labourers to benefit from this regime, a representative of the local administration said 3,019 Vietnamese people are working in Yamanashi, accounting for 26.9% of the foreign manpower and also forming the largest foreign guest worker community here. Another reason is the strong friendship between Vietnam and Japan, as well as between Yamanashi with such Vietnamese provinces as Quang Binh and Yen Bai.

Ambassador Hieu believed that their policies and regimes will help enhance Japan’s attractiveness to labourers from the Southeast Asian nation.

Japan is facing an aging population and an increasingly severe labour shortage. It has taken various solutions, but many businesses are still struggling with the problem./.