Vietnamese Ambassador visits fire victims at SAPA Shopping Center in Prague

Wednesday, 12/06/2024 11:50
Vietnamese Ambassador to the Czech Republic Duong Hoai Nam and leaders of a number of overseas Vietnamese associations on June 10 visited, encouraged, donated and provided material support to a number of business households affected by the fire at the Vietnamese SAPA Trade Center in Prague, the Czech Republic.

Ambassador Duong Hoai Nam and leaders of overseas Vietnamese associations visit and encourage fire victims in Prague (Photo: VOV)

The delegation and the overseas Vietnamese branch launched a donation to support families whose stores were burned.  

At the event, Ambassador Nam presented 10,000 CZK (about 430 USD) to the fire victims.

Mr. Hoang Dinh Thang, representative of the leadership of SAPA Shopping Center, said that after the fire, the overseas Vietnamese Association at the SAPA Shopping Center donated 30,000 CZK (about 1,300 USD) to each business household affected by the fire. Donation activities are still ongoing.

On behalf of SAPA Shopping Center Management Board, Mr. Hoang Dinh Thang said that it will carry out the work of handling and cleaning up the fire scene and soon rebuild it so that overseas Vietnamese can stabilize their lives. It is expected that within the next month, business households can resume operations.

SAPA Shopping Center is the largest one of the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic, with a total area of about 350,000 square meters and more than 1,000 stalls selling food, consumer and fashion goods, and services. At the end of 2008, a fire also burned down about 10,000 square meters of SAPA Shopping Center's warehouse, causing damage of nearly 6 million USD./.