Vietnamese Embassy in Egypt organizes Bowling Tournament to promote ASEAN community spirit

Monday, 08/07/2024 10:01
The Vietnamese Embassy in Egypt coordinated with the ASEAN Committee in Cairo (ACC) to organize the ASEAN Friendly Bowling Tournament 2024.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Egypt Nguyen Huy Dung speaking at the event. (Photo: Vietnamese Embassy in Egypt)

The tournament was attended by all members of families and communities of the diplomatic representative agencies of ASEAN countries in Cairo.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the tournament, Vietnamese Ambassador to Egypt Nguyen Huy Dung emphasized that this is a very meaningful activity, showing that ASEAN is a family in Southeast Asia.

Joint sports activities of the ASEAN community in Cairo contribute to strengthening the image of the association in the hearts of local people, and strengthening solidarity and ASEAN community among the expatriate community of ASEAN countries in Egypt.

Indonesian Ambassador Lufti Rauf, ACC President, highly appreciated Vietnam's initiative in organizing the bowling tournament, emphasizing the importance and growing role of ASEAN over the past 57 years. Mr. Lufti expressed his hope that ASEAN Embassies in Egypt will continue to promote the spirit of solidarity and unity, and strengthen cooperation in many aspects.

The tournament is an initiative of Vietnam, including 15 teams. Each team has 5 people, including at least one female.

At the end of the tournament, Singapore Ambassador to Egypt Dominic Goh won the first prize for heads of representative agencies and the Malaysian delegation won first prize for the entire team.

The tournament has left a deep impression, further strengthening the spirit of the ASEAN Community at home and is highly appreciated by Egyptian friends, and is gradually becoming an annual activity of the ASEAN Committee in Cairo./.