Eight Australian energy companies visit Vietnam

Wednesday, 29/03/2023 14:32
(CPV) - The Australian Energy Trade Mission, including representatives of eight companies and two states arrived in Vietnam on March 27 to promote cooperation on renewable energy.

The mission comprises a series of activities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City from March 27-30 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Australia and Vietnam’s diplomatic relationship.

Australian Energy mission visits PC1 data control room 

Within the framework of energy cooperation between the two countries, the Australian Government Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) cooperated with the Electricity & Renewable Energy Department – Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam and Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN), to organise the Energy Transformation Forum 2023, held in Hanoi on March 28.

Like Vietnam, the Australian government has made a commitment to climate action, with a target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 43% by 2030 and to zero by 2050. The forum will discuss the energy transition of Vietnam and Australia and introduce new energy technologies and solutions from Australia.

Australia’s Ambassador to Vietnam, HE Andrew Goledzinowski, said: “Australia has long been one of Vietnam’s strongest energy partners, having supported the first ever 500KV transmission line connecting northern power sources to the central and southern regions back in the early 1990s. This year, as we celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations, the green economy represents the next big opportunity in our economic partnership. The rapid expansion and transition of Vietnam’s energy sector provides a real opportunity to evolve our trade and investment relationship into the future.”

In addition to exploring commercial opportunities from the decarbonisation agenda, the trade mission will also explore opportunities such as grid operation in the context of rapidly increasing integration of renewable energy; opportunities to apply energy storage solutions; solutions to optimise smart grid operation, virtual power plant, energy efficiency and enterprise digitisation applications in energy transformation; and green certification system, decarbonization technology.

Australian Ambassador to Vietnam – HE Andrew Goledznowski shares about the energy cooperation between the two nations

According to information from the Australian Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water's website, the past 10 years have seen a dramatic energy transition from coal to renewables. Specifically, small-scale solar energy production has seen an average growth rate of 28% per year and wind power production has increased by 15%.

Recently, large-scale solar farms in Australia have begun to expand rapidly. Large-scale solar production has grown from negligible levels before 2016 to 4% of Australia's total electricity production in 2021, representing a five-year growth rate of 1,747 percent.

Australia's National Hydrogen Strategy sets out a vision for a clean, innovative, safe and competitive hydrogen industry that benefits Australians, and also adds to Australia’s energy exports.

In the offshore wind sector, Star of the South is Australia's most advanced offshore wind project off Gippsland in Bass Strait, capable of providing up to 20% of Victoria's electricity needs, while creating jobs and investing in the state's renewable energy infrastructure.

Renewable energy production reached a record high share of Australia's total electricity generation capacity in the last three months of 2022, providing an average of more than 40% of the electricity in the nation's main grid.

Meanwhile, Vietnam is experiencing remarkable economic growth and is rising to become one of the fastest growing energy markets in Asia. In response to this economic development, Vietnam's energy demand is expected to grow by nearly 8%-10% per year, leading to the need for reliable energy supply. And so, Vietnam's renewable energy market is increasingly attractive to foreign investors.

Austrade Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner, Ms Rebecca Ball, shared: “This trade mission will help Australian and Vietnamese businesses to strengthen business links, identify trade and investment opportunities in the energy sector and contribute to our bilateral economic engagement. Australian capabilities in clean energy supply chains and the services that accompany them can also helpVietnam manage the huge transition it has in front of it. This will lay the foundations for economic ties in the decades to come./.”