Manual published for export of fruits and vegetables to China

Wednesday, 27/07/2022 15:16
The manual is aimed at readers who are localities, industry associations, businesses and producers involved in the production and export chain of vegetables and fruits in particular to the Chinese market.
 Photo for illustration. (Source: VNA)

The Import-Export Department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade has just developed and released the manual for the official export of vegetables and fruits to the Chinese market.

The manual is a component of the Government’s scheme promoting and converting cross-border export activities into official form.

It also clarifies issues about the Chinese market that are of concern to localities, producers, businesses and organizations participating in the value chain of agricultural products when exporting to this market.

On the other hand, it provides information related to the market situation, advantages-disadvantages and how to carry out cross-border export activities in the form of official channels.

The manual covers the basics of commodity standards, packaging, trading and contracting, delivery conditions, payment methods, traceability, quarantine plants and other notes for official export to the Chinese market./.