PM requests steadfastness in macro-economic stability target

Saturday, 04/03/2023 10:45
Given the great pressure caused by domestic and external difficulties and challenges, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has underlined the need to stay steadfast in the targets of firmly maintaining macro-economic stability, controlling inflation, boosting growth, and guaranteeing major balances of the economy.
Tran Van Son, Government Spokesman and Minister - Chairman of the Government Office, speaks at the press conference on March 3. (Photo: VNA) 

At the Government’s conference for February on March 3, the PM demanded ministries, sectors, and localities actively analyse the situation and take measures for ensuring the balance and harmony between exchange rates and interest rates, inflation control and growth, monetary and fiscal policies, as well as between domestic and external situations, Tran Van Son, Government Spokesman and Minister - Chairman of the Government Office, told a press conference later the same day.

PM Pham Minh Chinh asked for enhancing administrative discipline, task implementation capacity, examination, and supervision; proactively resolving difficulties facing people and enterprises; and dealing with new issues in a timely and effectively manner.

He requested them carry out a flexible and efficient monetary policy that is in harmony with the fiscal policy and others to keep macro-economic stability, reduce interest rates to boost capital access, and prioritise credit for growth drivers such as consumption, export, and investment, Son noted.

The Government leader urged quality and effective planning; acceleration of public investment disbursement and key projects, especially transport ones; along with fruitful implementation of the socio-economic recovery and development programme and the three national target programmes.

He also told ministries, sectors, and localities to remove obstacles to facilitate production, business, job creation, and livelihood development; step up efforts to make strategic breakthroughs, particularly in institutional and law perfection; and take appropriate solutions to address bottlenecks for markets, especially the real estate market, according to the Government Spokesman./.

CPV (Source: VNA)