According to Mr. Nguyen Quang Hung, deputy head of the BSR’s Environment Safety Department, as of September 10th, the company made 18 million of safe working hours which were the contributions of all employees and staff. Workers and engineers strictly complied with security requirements, especially working rules.

BSR made 18 million safe working hours

Nguyen Quang Hung speaking at the event

Mr. Bui Quoc Phong from the department provided guidance on the way of selecting safe working clothing suitable to painters and tank cleaners.

Guiding how to choose safe working clothing

Guiding how to wear safe working clothing

Checking the comfort of the clothing

After that, BSR personnel instructed how to wear chemical protective clothing, masks, protective filters, gloves and rubber boots; ensuring the flexibility of the body when working with chemicals.

Rewarding contractors at the event

Contractors showed determination before working at the plant

Checking security of personnel

The company also guided the use of solvents during painting which should be contained in standard containers labeled with information and warnings.

Engineer Truong The Vinh from Petroleum Chemical Stock Company said the popularization is very significant to contractors, especially those who regularly work with chemicals. The knowledge gained from the activity helps workers raise awareness about working at the Dung Quat Oil Refinery Plant./.