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Specifically, the US took the lead among export markets with more than USD3.4 billion, followed by the EU with more than USD1.4 billion, Japan with USD964 million, China with USD936 million and the Republic of Korea with USD874 million.

Also in the first three months, Vinatex’s exports were valued at USD594 million, earning revenue of over VND10.6 trillion and pre-tax profit of VND280 billion, fulfilling 16.2% of the year’s plan and increasing by 24.4% compared to the same period last year.

In the first quarter, the country’s commodity export turnover was estimated at over USD58 billion, up 4.7%, while imports were valued at USD57.9 billion, up 8.9%. The US continued to be the largest export market of Vietnam with USD13 billion, up 26%; followed by the EU with USD10.2 billion, up 2.5%.

Exports of heavy industry and mineral products made up the biggest share with 50.3%, estimated at USD29.4 billion; of which phones and components reached USD12.1 billion, down 4.3% and accounting for 20.6%./.