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The event will display bedroom, dining room, kitchen and office furniture, flooring, sofas, outdoor tables and chairs.

VIFF will perform the role of trade promotion, creating opportunities for organization and businesses to promote their products, boost experience exchange, seize investment opportunities, expand markets and transfer technology in order to improve efficiency in production and business.

The event is expected to help domestic furniture manufacturers enhance their visibility and brand in Vietnam, the region and the world.

Currently, Vietnam’s wooden products appear in 120 countries and territories with about 4,700 companies investing in producing and processing wood. Many businesses have large capital source, management capacity and apply new science and technology in production; thus they initially develop supporting industries for the wood production and processing industry.

Export value of Vietnam’s wooden products only makes up about 6% of the global market, so domestic companies can take it as an opportunity to expand and develop their market share.

Together with traditional markets, the increase in consumption at new and potential markets such as Canada, the Eurasian Economic Union and Central South Asia is expected to open more opportunities for the industry in the near future, especially for wooden furniture decorated in a classical style./.