Standing Deputy Chairman Le Thanh Liem (right) and Deputy Mayor Kim Seung Su (Photo:

During the receiving, the Standing Deputy Chairman stressed that Ho Chi Minh City has always attached much importance to strengthening the cooperation with RoK’s localities, including Daegu city.

He also said that the city is implementing four key industries and seven breakthrough programs, including a traffic jam reduction program. He wants Daegu businesses to invest in key infrastructure development projects such as metro, monorail, flood reduction program; environmental pollution reduction; urban planning and development.      

Mr. Kim Seung Su said that Daegu city specializes in thread industry of RoK. There are about 250 businesses in Daegu investing in Vietnam.

Daegu city is developing key industries of automobile manufacture, spare parts for industrial engines relating to water, healthcare and robotics. He hoped that the two cities as well as the businesses of two sides will have long-term exchanges and cooperation./.