Vietnam and the Republic of Korea's players vie for the ball in the third match of the Asian Football Confederation Women's Cup in Amman, Jordan on April 13th. (Photo: VNA)

The team boarded the flight home on the early morning of April 14th and will arrive in Hanoi at around 06h00 the following day.

Their flight had to change its path as an exercise of caution after the US, UK and France launched a coordinated air strike on Damascus, Syria, about 200 km away from Amman. The strike involved planes and ship-launched missiles, together with more than 100 projectiles in all, in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack.

The flight has to make a detour to ensure the 600-700 km distance from the air field of Syria.

The match with the RoK was the third loss of Vietnam in this event. Earlier, they lost 0-4 to Japan in their first match and suffered their second major defeat of 0-8 to Australia.

Vietnam launched several counter attacks but they didn’t break the RoK’s defence line. In the 14th minute, from a corner kick in the left wing, midfielder and captain Cho So Hyun coolly struck her header past the goalie Dang Thi Kieu Trinh of Vietnam to open the score for the RoK.

Cho’s goal was a driving force for the RoK team to play more aggressively. They put pressure on the Vietnamese side continuously./.