In 2021, Soc Trang achieved more than 1 billion USD of shrimp export value for the first time. (Photo:

Specifically, export turnover reached 1.28 billion USD, exceeding by 28% the year’s plan and increasing by 14.8% over the same period last year. In which, export of aquatic products, mainly shrimp, reached 1.03 billion USD, up 22.91%.

In 2021, the province will raise 53,000 hectares of shrimp, up 4% compared to the year’s plan and up nearly 2.5% year on year. The area included 40,000 hectares for raising white-leg shrimp, accounting for 75.5%, and 13,000 hectares for raising tiger shrimp.

With a shrimp export value of 1.03 billion USD, Soc Trang has become a locality with a high export turnover.

Mr. Vo Van Chieu said that more than 20 businesses in the province are processing shrimp for export. Despite being heavily affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the province’s shrimp industry still achieved record growth, surpassing USD 1 billion. This is a good sign in the context of the economy still facing many difficulties due to the epidemic./.