Tourists join a tour to discover French architecture in the heart of Hanoi. (Photo:

Aiming to achieve this goal, the city has implemented tourism activities in a flexible manner, adapting to the epidemic situation.

Specifically, Hanoi will focus on building many new tourism products such as: pedestrian product “French architecture in the heart of Hanoi”, experiencing the old town by electric car, and discovering Hanoi by bicycle “VGreen bike tour”.

At the same time, the city will upgrade existing products and organize survey groups to provinces and cities to help businesses be more proactive in developing new products.

In 2022, Hanoi will organize many tourism events to promote and attract more tourists to the capital, such as: Hanoi Tourism Gift Festival, Hanoi Ao Dai Festival (scheduled in the fourth quarter), and Contests to select Hanoi Tourism Ambassador and Songs of Hanoi Tourism.

The city will take advantage of the opportunity to organize SEAGAMES 31 to promote and attract tourism in the most effective way.

In 2021, Hanoi greeted 4 million domestic tourists, equivalent to 53% of 2020 and equal to 36% of the year’s plan. Total revenue from domestic tourists is estimated at 11.28 trillion VND, equivalent to 40% of 2020 and 23% of the year’s plan./.