Hanoi strives to have 20 more enterprises in supporting industries

Friday, 06/01/2023 10:22
The Hanoi People’s Committee has issued a Plan on the Program to develop the supporting industry in Hanoi in 2023.

The plan aims to concretize the orientations, goals and tasks of the supporting industry development program in 2020-2025; encourage the development of supporting industries, and improve the capacity of Hanoi’s supporting industry enterprises in the new post-COVID-19 situation.

The production line of motorcycle tires at Manh Quang Mechanical Company Limited in Thanh Tri district. (Photo: hanoimoi.com.vn)

The plan also sets a target to have about 950 enterprises operating in the fields of supporting industries in 2023, an increase of about 20 enterprises compared to 2022; in which there are about 300-350 enterprises with production systems and products of international standards, sufficient supply capacity to participate in the global production network of multinational corporations in Vietnam.

The industrial production value of the supporting industry accounts for about 16-17% of industrial production value of the processing and manufacturing industry in Hanoi, and the industrial development index of the supporting industry sector increases over 11-12% every year, up about 1% compared to 2022.

Aiming to realize the target, the plan proposes four contents, such as supporting enterprises to apply management systems to meet the requirements of global production chains in corporate governance and production management; and supporting research, development and application of technology transfer and innovation in trial production of components, spare parts, and materials./.