An overview of Phu Quoc district island

The two sides discussed tourism programs and agreed to choose seaports to connect the sea tourism route between the two countries. Accordingly, Vietnam decided to choose Bai Vong seaport in Ham Ninh commune and Cambodia selected a seaport in Kampot province.

They also basically agreed on sea transport vessels operating on the tourism routes and will survey linking the seaport in Kampot with the Bai Vong seaport.

Currently, the seaport in Kampot is under construction, scheduled to be completed in the end of 2019.

Therefore, the Tourism Ministry of Cambodia has asked Kien Giang to soon establish a mission group to regularly exchange information and invite representatives of the Kien Giang tourism industry and Phu Quoc People’s Committee to visit and survey the field in Kampot in order to speed up preparation work to put the sea tourism route into operation./.