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Specifically, foreigners coming by air reached 7.36 million, up 20.2%, while those visiting the country by road and sea were 1.54 million, up 63.3% and 0.18 million, up 0.2%; respectively.

The Asian market sent the most foreign travelers to Vietnam with 6.99 million, making up 77% of the total to increase 30.4% compared to the same period last year.

Meanwhile, the number of European tourists reached 1.23 million, up 10.4%, with most of them from Russia.

The country also saw a sharp increase from tourist arrivals from America at 13%, equivalent to 0.57 million; of which more than 0.43 million are tourists from the US, up 15%.

In addition, tourist arrivals from Australia and Africa also rose significantly, at 8.4% (over 26,000) and 21.5% (over 24,300); respectively./.