Hanoi ensures quality of tourism services on National Day holiday

Tuesday, 30/08/2022 11:07
The Hanoi Department of Tourism has just sent a document to units, businesses, organizations and individuals doing tourism business in the city about ensuring the quality of services for tourists during the National Day holidays (September 2nd).
Foreign tourists visit Hoan Kiem Lake. (Photo: hanoimoi.com.vn) 

The number of tourists to Hanoi is expected to increase sharply during the four-day holiday (from September 1 to 4). Therefore, the Department of Tourism requires tourist attractions, accommodation businesses, catering services and shopping centers to increase popularization to tourists in ensuring epidemic prevention and environmental sanitation.

At the same time, the sites must strengthen the inspection and inspection of technical facilities and services, safety in tourism activities; and improve the quality and professionalism in serving tourists within their business scope and field.

The Department of Tourism emphasizes that attractions and tourism service businesses in the city openly and properly sell at listed ticket prices, prohibiting acts of fraud, profiteering, and enticing tourists

For travel businesses, the Department strictly prohibits taking advantage of stimulus programs and tourism promotions with poor service quality, acts of profiteering, and adversely affecting the tourism environment.

On this occasion, the Department also publicized the hotline number: 1800556896 to receive complaints related to tourism activities in the city./.