Vietnam among Top 10 destinations for Australian tourists

Saturday, 17/09/2022 11:56
Compared to June, the number of Australian arrivals declared to Vietnam in July increased by 8,200, decreased by nearly 10,000 from the same month in 2019.
Photo for illustration. (Source: VNA) 

Vietnam was among the top 10 most popular destinations for Australian travelers in July, with more than 18,500 Australians visiting the Southeast Asian country in the month, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Accordingly, Vietnam came after other popular destinations such as New Zealnd, Indonesia, the UK and the US.

New Zealand ranked first in the top 10 destinations for Australian tourists, with 96,180 arrivals, which was followed by Indonesia, the UK, the US, Fiji, India, Singapore, Thailand and Italy.

Compared to the previous months of this year, after Australia and Vietnam both opened their international borders, the number of Australians coming to Vietnam increased significantly.

ABS statistics show Australians spend an average of 19 days on each overseas trip.

The most common purpose of trips is tourism, which accounts for nearly half of all trips, including visiting friends and/or relatives./.