Vietnam listed among best global destinations for foodies

Monday, 29/08/2022 10:57
Scotland-based travel agency Skyscanner has named Vietnam among the world’s six best destinations for food lovers, besides Mexico, India, Thailand, Nepal and Singapore.

“If you’ve ever tucked into a steaming bowl of pho, you’ll understand why foodie travellers fall in love with Vietnam. The food is irresistible - we’re talking pillowy banh mi stuffed rolls and soft, fresh summer rolls filled with shrimp and mint leaves,” the travel agency wrote.


Pho is an “addictive” dish for international guests. (Photo: 

“After you’ve raided the street food stalls of Hanoi, take an hour-long domestic flight to the lesser-known foodie capital of Hội An, where Chinese, French and Japanese influences combine to create a unique take on Vietnamese cuisine,” it commented.

According to Skyscanner, food is a fundamental element to experience a new culture, make new friends and discover a new place. If you’re a foodie, you'll want to try everything - without worrying about running out of money, when you visit 6 destinations selected by Skyscanner.

In addition to Vietnam, this list also includes Mexico, India, Thailand, Nepal and Singapore./.