Vietnam tourism’s development capacity index among world’s top 3

Friday, 27/05/2022 16:29
The development capacity index of Vietnam’s tourism industry ranked 52nd in 2021, up 8 places compared to 2019, among the 3 countries with the highest increase in the world, according to the World Economic Forum’s latest report.

Vietnam’s tourism is considered to have the strongest increase in the development capacity index in 2021. (Photo:

The WEF’s report clearly states that Vietnam has the world’s highest score increase (+4.7%) in terms of ranking, an increase of 8 places compared to 2019: from 60th position to 52nd (ranking results in 2019 have also been calculated and adjusted according to the Development Capacity Index).

Along with Vietnam, Indonesia (up 12 places) and Saudi Arabia (up 10 places) are the 3 countries with the highest increase in tourism development capacity index.

Some famous destinations in Southeast Asia did not have good results, such as Thailand, down 1 place, ranked 36th; Malaysia, down 9 places, ranked 38th; and the Philippines, down 2 places, ranked 75th.

The report also highlights the particularly important role of digital technology in the reconstruction and recovery of sustainable tourism.

The tourism development capacity index set includes 112 indicators divided into 17 main groups, designed to focus more on assessing the role of the tourism industry in a broader socio-economic environment. Some new stat groups have been added compared to the past, such as Non-Recreational Resources; Socio-economic sustainability; and the pressure and impact of tourism demand./.